Sunday, August 31, 2008

See the Movie that Inspired the Book

One of the many things that inspired me to write Freaks: Alive, on the Inside! was the 1933 movie Freaks directed by Tod Browning. I've just found the whole movie on line! Now you can see it.

[I had to remove this video because the link didn't work anymore and attempts to link to a non-existent movie were crashing browsers. Oh, well]

I found it on the Internet Archive thanks to Boing Boing.


Craig Robertson said...

Wonderful movie, Annette...check this one out:

Annette said...

That great, Craig! I'm a Lovecraft fan and will certainly look into this DVD. I also see a great opportunity to add another Cthulhu t-shirt to my wardrobe. *grin*

Annette said...

Geez, I should proof read before I post. LOL