Monday, July 7, 2008

Reviewer X: Author Interview: Annette Curtis Klause (!!!!!!!!)

Read the review HERE

This is a fun interview. I'm always happy to be asked about my writing.
Thanks Reviewer X!


Daniela said...

Hello Annette!
Im a huge fan of your work!
I live in Brazil and unfortunatelly your books werent published in here.So I had to ask one of my friends of the US to finally send me blood and chocolate.Iiiits amazing!!
Im dyinf to find the silver kiss,but this one is harder.
Anyways,I just want to congratulate you for your incedible work!
Daniela Gomes

Annette said...

Wow! Thanks, Daniela! It's very exciting to know I have a reader in Brazil. I appreciate your kind words of praise. I hope you find a copy of The Silver Kiss soon.

Johanna said...

Hello Annette im one of your huge fan when it comes to "Blood and chocolate" I love it so deeply (no words) .. will you ever continue blood and chocolate?
I and many other fans really hope so !!! :D
love it so much .. I just wonder what happend after ..
By the way I live in Sweden
Much love from Johanna