Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Only Movie Tie-in Cover

Here's the Spanish language edition of Blood and Chocolate.


Anonymous said...

I feel horrible commenting on this post when my comment doesn't have anything to do with the entry. But I have no idea how to contact you via email or whatever. I would love to send you my thoughts about Blood and Chocolate. I read the book almost 10 years ago when I was in my junior year of highschool and I just picked it up at the library today and read through it again because I hadn't in years. I refused to see the movie that came out years ago because it is NOT any relation to your book as far as I'm concerned. Agh! I'm sorry, I would just love to say a few things to you about how much I loved the book. Do you have any type of contact place that people can send "fan emails"? I would so love to discuss your story. Any help would be appreciated!- Brittney

Annette said...

Hi Brittney!
You can reach me at
I'd forgotten to show that in my profile.
Yeah, I'm with you on that movie. *grin*

Anonymous said...

Sorry this is very off topic from blood and chocolate :L ... but I was browsing around google and it said that there was a new novel from a recent author involving shapeshifters and werewolves that you had read and recomended.. But I can't find the site anymore and I was wondering what the book was called... help?

Annette said...

LOL I can't remember what that was. I changed computers last month and left some email on another computer. I think I might have an email about it. I'll have to check there to jog my memory. Argh!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god! I originally left that comment back in April? Holy man, it's been way longer than I thought. Ack! I'm sorry. This is Brittney and I got 3/4 through typing up an email on Word for you. But then life got busy and I completely forgot about it. :\ Again, I am so sorry about that. It was rather rude of me to comment, saying that I would be sending you an email and then never doing so. I just wanted you to know that I should have my thoughts on Blood and Chocolate finished tonight and I will send it to you!- Brittney

Annette said...

LOL Brittney. Don't worry about it. I do things like that, too. I'll look forward to hearing from you.

Green Eliir said...

Dear Ms.Klouse,
i'm too much of a geek to refer to you by annette so ahem..

When im older rich and have amazing art directors blood and chocolate will be REDONE with the love you put into it.

also, i already have the soundtrack for silver kiss in my head.

I sound crazy,ahem.

anyhow, congrats on spreading your amazing writings around the world.