Thursday, April 1, 2010

ConBust was Great!

I had a really good time with the Smith girls who are all smart and fabulous and know how to wear costumes. It was wonderful to hang out with authors Jane Yolen, Tamora Pierce, Bruce Coville, Patricia Briggs, Catherynne Valente and Phoebe Wray of Broad Universe, and talk about demon lovers, xenobiology, alien bananas, and cats. Editor Anne Sowards was charming and answered many questions about editing and publishing for the attendees. The Smithee Awards crew were hilarious once more as they showed excerpts from the worst movies of all time, and I was reminded to read Jennie Breeden's wonderful web comic more often--The Devil's Panties.
I had my portrait drawn by Shaina Lu to bring home for my husband, too. I'm supposed to be a kitsune. *grin*
Check out the program book to see the many events that were scheduled--I can't begin to mention them all here. Maybe I'll see you there next year.


Anonymous said...

i am a big fan of the siver kiss and blood and chocolate. i've read them both many many times each. i wish the movie would've been more like the book. i also wish they would make the silver kiss into a movie that was accurate with the book. love you annette!
c.e. polk

Annette said...

Ahhhhhh! Thanks. I wish the movie of B&C was more like the book, too. The Silver Kiss has been optioned about three times, but nothing came of it. Maybe a movie will be made one day--a good one. We can only hope. *grin*