Sunday, December 13, 2009

World Famous?

I am signing a contract for Turkish editions of Blood and Chocolate and The Silver Kiss. Who would have ever guessed?

That's Turkish Delight up top in case you didn't know. It always reminds me of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I borrowed the picture from The Tum Tum Tree which has an amusing short post on making this candy.

The country Turkey looks like this:

There's going to be a German edition of Blood and Chocolate, too.


rainbug89 said...

That is so exciting. I'm one of those devoted fans of Blood and Chocolate, I've bought three copies in the past three years and own none of them! I've given them all away! I shipped one to a soldier in Iraq, he loved it. I try to share all good books, so I think this is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

ooooooooooohhhhhhh Annette, faz isso não.
E o Brasil não ganha nada? Pelo menos o sangue e chocolate né kkkk
Terminei de reler o meu livro, mas ainda gostaria de ter ele em português kkk
por favor, por favor, por favor, por favor.

Lembra de mim, né
seu fã brasileiro kkk

ooooooooooohhhhhhh Annette, does it not. kkkkk
And Brazil does not win anything? At least the blood and chocolate né kkkk
I finished re-reading my book, but still like to have it in Portuguese kkk
please, please, please, please.

Remember me, right
its Brazilian fan kkk

I hope that my English has improved a little.

Anonymous said...

can you please please please PLEASE write another book for blood and chocolate, im begging you to. i think there has to be more to it than that, i looked on your website to see if there was another on but there wasnt. i abloustely love the first one i check it out at my school all the time reading it, when i get to the last sentence i just imagine about a second book, but nobody else can write it i love your settings and vivians attiude, the five's sportmanship for vivian when she is stuck in between and i ABLOUSTELY love gabriel. im sure other blood and chocolate fans would want to know more and read more about all of them. and if you dont that would be a big disappoiment for me and your fansi love this book more than anyother book in the world. think about your fans.

from your fan amelia salem, OR

Annette said...

I wish I could write another and please all those who have asked, but I just haven't come up with a decent idea yet. One of the reasons I may be stuck is that to have a story one must have conflict, and that would mean messing with the life Vivian and Gabriel have found together. Could I be that evil? LOL Maybe I should try harder.

Annette said...

Hi, Leonardo!

I'll tell my agent. Maybe your enthusiasm will convince a Portuguese publisher to give it a try.

Annette said...

Wow! Sorry rainbug--I suck at responding to comments on time. After you were so nice, too. That's totally cool that you sent one of my books to a solder in Iraq. I hope it helped him escape the stress for a while. Thanks so much for appreciating my work.

Lee-Aani said...

Hey Annette!
I agree with the comment about a sequel to "Blood and Chocolate"!
Can you PLEASE write another??
Im absolutely begging!
And yes! you can be that evil. LOL
I just think there is defintely more to it! Promise me you'll think about it??
All relationships come across conflict so you could definitely write about that? I dont know but it would be great if you can carry on from the last bit of the book (even though it came out 13 yrs ago)
Anyway Love your book, Big fan!!

Annette said...

LOL I'll try.

Anonymous said...

For Blood and Chocolate 2:

Maybe add a new conflict? Maybe add that vampires are living near the pack, attacking humans and shifting the blame unto the werewolves or something.

Or add a new chapter or two to Blood and Chocolate. Since your pub re-released A Silver Kiss, maybe the can re-release Blood and Chocolate with a new ending.

Will you have a new, full-length novel coming out soon?

A fan in Texas.

Anonymous said...


I just wanted to say, as a vampire fiction fan, that it was a pleasure to translate your book into Turkish :)


Ezgi Yag from Ankara, Turkey :)

Annette said...

Wow! Thanks so much, Ezgi! I appreciate your hard work. I'm looking forward to seeing the Turkish edition. I'll post a picture of the cover here when I get it. I am thrilled to be published in Turkey. I feel like I am making friends all over the world. *grin*

Hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

Hello again Annette, Ezgi here. The Turkish version of The Silver Kiss has just been published! Wohoo! :) Here's a link:

aaannnd here's the cover:


Ezgi Yag :)

Annette said...

WOW! Thanks Ezgi! That cover is cool! Thanks for all your hard work translating my book.