Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I’ve been made aware that there are a number of websites out there that are selling old editions of The Silver Kiss but say the book contains the two new stories. Only the new edition, published this year, has the two stories. Sometimes a site even has the new book cover displayed. I don’t know how I can stop this--I could go crazy trying to correct every mistake on the Web--but I just wanted to warn you to pay close attention if you buy The Silver Kiss online, hoping to get the book with the added short stories. If you want the new edition with the two short stories, even if a website shows a cover like the one below, check the ISBN number listed. The new edition has these ISBN numbers:

ISBN-10: 0375857826

ISBN-13: 978-0375857829

The new edition is a large size paperback and should have a 2009 date. There are no hardcover new editions out there or ebooks with the new stories. Be alert.

Okay, I’ll turn off the air raid siren now. *grin*


rebrebs said...

Love the new cover. I want it just because it nicer than my old copy, but I don't think I need two of them.

Annette said...

What! Everybody needs at least five copies, don't they? LOL Just kidding. I'm glad you already have a copy.

rebrebs said...

well, lets me be honest I'll probably walk by it in the book store 10 times then finally give in and buy it, that's just what I do.

I was reading this review today and they were saying the book Shiver is better than Blood and Chocolate and I had to pipe in and show my love for it. I don't think another werewolf book can hold a candle to it, but that's just me. :)

Leonardo Adriano Ragacini said...

Ola Annete eu sou da brasil e sou fã da seu livro blood e chocolate.
Ele ainda não saiu no brasil então com dificuldade eu o li em inglês.
O livro Blood e chocolate tera continuação.
meus email é leo89_adriano@hotmail.com

Também sou escritor e seus livros me inspiram

Laura said...

Hi Ms. Klause!

I was just... re-organizing my bookshelves, and I came across my (very old and a little battered) copy of Alien Secrets! So, I googled you and here I am! I'm actually really local - Howard County! Would you sign my book?! I loved it growing up. Thanks!

Siti Aminah Ishak said...

HI Annette,I remembered reading your book when i was a 12 year old(I'm 23 now)..well at least i thought i was 12 at the time haha. What made me pick the book up (Blood and Chocolate)was it's beautifully rendered illustrations on its cover.Plus,the sexy story within its pages blew me away too.I live in Sunny Singapore and your book was the first that drew me into reading novels.Thank you for writing stories that resonated with me and inspiring me to be a bookworm.

PS://I have been trying to get my own copy of all your books,but i couldn't find them even at the major bookstores in Singapore. Could you help me?

Drop me a line at my own blog


Annette said...

Thank you for letting me know you enjoyed Blood and Chocolate, Leonardo. How exciting to know that someone in Brazil has read my book.I admire you for taking the time to read my book in English. I wish you success with your own writing. I will translate this into Portuguese with Google. I expect it will turn out funny. :-)

Obrigado por me avisar que tenha gostado Blood and Chocolate, Leonardo. Como emocionante saber que alguém no Brasil tem lido meu book.I admirá-lo para tomar o tempo para ler meu livro em Inglês. Desejo-lhe sucesso com sua própria escrita. Vou traduzir isso em Português com o Google. Espero que ele ficará fora engraçado. :-)

Annette said...

Laura--contact me through the Montgomery County Public Libraries where I work. I'll be delighted to sign your book. Thanks for asking.

Annette said...

Wow, Siti! Singapore. I am amazed at how far my words fly. Thank you for saying hello. I'll pop on over to your blog.

Paula said...

Wow! You've done it again. Actually, I don't know which I enjoyed most: the two new short stories or the introduction describing your writing process and journey to The Silver Kiss. All three are amazing.

I'm now the proud owner of four copies of the Silver Kiss, two of which I haven't seen in over a year because they've been passed around from student to student at the high school where I work. The copy in our school library was--you guessed it--stolen almost as soon as it arrived. Our librarian wisely ordered two new copies of all of your books this year, however, so perhaps we'll finally be able to keep up with the demand. Students were literally racing each other to the library to put their names on the waiting list when they found out the new book order had arrived!

Although there are plenty of YA vampire novels on the market today, yours remains one of the few to deal with universal human issues in a genuine and believable way. Life and death and growing up are never easy, but in the Silver Kiss they are real--and therefore beautiful. And speaking of beautiful, there's Simon. Ah, yes...surrender-my-neck-to-you-any night-Simon! With his haunting blend of predatory detatchment and vulnerability, he remains my favorite vampire of all time; even more so after visiting him in San Francisco.

Thank you so much for adding to his and Zoe's story. Of course, I may need help with crowd control when I take the new edition in to school on Thursday. Maybe I should start some kind of lottery. Or perhaps request a police escort...

Do you ever have signings or appearances in North Carolina, or do you offer writing workshops? If so, is this the best site to watch for announcements of upcoming events? Thanks again!

Paula H

Annette said...

Thanks, Paula! I haven't had many comments on the short stories yet, so I'm so pleased to hear you liked them. LOL I am thrilled to hear of the enthusiasm for my books at your school. I haven't done any workshops for a long time but I do try to visit schools and speak to students if I'm invited. I'm listed on the Children's Book Guild speaker list, if you want more information about that.

D said...

More blog posts Annette! I am still waiting for when the stars align and I am in an area where you are doing a public appearance to get my books signed :(

Annette said...

Yeah, I suck at blogging. LOL

Paula said...

A celebration! Yesterday I saw the new edition of The Silver Kiss in our local Super Target--right in the middle of a New Moon inspired display of YA vampire literature. It was great positioning and bound to attract tons of readers. Also, there were plenty of other YA vampires who were conspicious in their absence.

Simon rules! Congratulations, Annette!


Ooops... I must confess... I didn't take my new copy to school yet. My son wants a chance to read it first, and once it leaves the house it may not return for months!

The next time I write in, it's going to be about how much I love Blood and Chocolate. Now: time to go and chip away at revisions on my own WIP.... sigh. Thanks for the inspiration!

Annette said...

Yay! It's about time that Meyer woman did something for me. *grin*

Good luck with your writing, Paula.

Paula said...

Thanks! I need it. Lots of it!

I promised to talk about Blood and Chocolate next, so...

What I love about Blood and Chocolate: well, everything. But the thing I love most is the strength of Vivian's point of view. We see everything through her eyes with absolute focus. As she changes, the world and people around her change, and so do we. The ending is powerful--such a shame they changed it in the movie! However, they did make me appreciate the book even more.

aurora said...

hello i just wanted to say that i love your books and that blood and chocolate was the book that made me want to write about werewolve rather then vampires thank you so much i still look at amazon to see if you have a new book out lol

Karen said...

-sigh- I just reread Blood and Chocolate for about the zillionth time. I wish the movie was more like the book. You should totally do a sequel for when the pack moves to Vermont. I want to see what happens! :)

Emilia said...

Hi Annette,

I read your Blood and Chocolate yesterday in one sitting and i was so taken by it that straight after i had to get the movie to keep the world alive just a little longer somehow lol.
I really tried to keep an open mind, but i have to be honest with you after reading the book, i was so disappointed by the take of the movie. If there ever was a remake and goodness i wish there was cos i love the story so much, i really hope they do the book better justice. In the meantime, i can't wait to get my hands on my own copy of Silver Kiss, really looking forward to it.

Annette said...

Thanks Aurora, Karen and Emilia. It's comments like yours that keep me going. Good luck with your writing Aurora. Yeah, Karen and Amelia, I wish the movie was more like the book, too. I was disappointed also. Oh well, it was quite the experience anyway. Such excitement every time there was news while they were making it. LOL

Becky said...

I feel so out-dated to only be finding out about this now. So exciting! Last Christmas, I gave my cousin who had just turned thirteen a copy of Blood and Chocolate (that was the age I had read it, so I trusted my younger self to know best). This is the perfect excuse to get another copy of Silver Kisses, not-so-secretly read the short stories, and then pass it along to her.

Um, absolutely giddy that you have a blog. You were and still are one of my favorite writers.

Annette said...

Hi, Becky!
I feel out-dated, too, because it's taken me so long to respond. Sorry about that. I'm so happy you like my books and have an excuse to revisit them. I'm also happy you give them as presents. *grin*