Saturday, April 9, 2011


This past year has been a great one for foreign editions. I thought I'd share a few covers here.

Swedish B&C

Turkish Silver Kiss

Italian B&C

German B&C

A Croatian edition is in the works. That should be interesting.


Critica said...

Cool! I always like seeing different covers for books I love :)

Madalina's Books said...

lovely favourite is the german's amazing

Rab Ro said...

I know alot of people here prefer blood and chocolate which dont get me wrong is definitely one of your master pieces but your first book The Silver Kiss is what got me hooked on your writing for sure!

From the bottom of my heart please write an erotica some day! I know its not your base audience but after reading freaks! Alive on the inside i was like oh man! you know alot of the people that grew up with your books are college age maybe a bit older and you're already at the edge of that pool! Plus, I meaaan.. anne rice did!

Eitherwise the book covers that have been chosen for blood and chocolate are beautiful. My favorite one is the girl with the wolf claw.. and my favorite book cover for The silver kiss was with the guy with the white hair. I always pictured an 80's themed music playlist when i'm reading the book.